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Implementing Essential Deep Learning Modules - Week 8

Implementing Essential Deep Learning Modules - Week 8

Shikhar Jaiswal, 08 July 2018

This week, we benchmarked the performance of our GAN module against Tensorflow's runtimes, and worked out on optimizing the routines even further. Then, we went forward with implementing EvaluateWithGradient() function for all the variants, which gave us a straight performance improvement of 13% over the previous update routine, cutting almost 45 minutes of training time.

Currently, Tensorflow has a training time of 4.5 hours (multi-threaded) and about 11 hours (single core aggregate), whereas mlpack has a runtime of 6.25 hours (single-threaded). We (Marcus, Ryan and Sumedh) have been discussing on parallelizing the FFN class in order to benchmark in a multi-threaded environment as well. However, we decided to go forward with implementing as many modules as we currently can, and later optimizing them as we go on benchmarking.

The RBM PR currrently passes tests for the stochastic input, and would have to be optimized for mini-batches, which would be done in Phase III. Phase II ends here, and I'm really glad that we were able to complete our planned goals so soon!