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Variational Autoencoders - Week 10

Variational Autoencoders - Week 10

Atharva Khandait, 24 July 2018

I implemented another definition of the Forward() function in the FFN class along with a test. This now makes it very easy to forward pass just through the encoder or the decoder of a saved model.

The convolutional model was not working with the Sequential object because in its Forward() function, reset was being hard set to true. Hence, it was setting the inputWidth and inputHeight of the TransposedConvolutional layer both to 0. I trained that convolutional model and observed the total loss go much below what it went with a dense layered model, as expected. Although, the KL divergence was heigher than dense layered model and as a result sampling from the prior didn't generate defined results.

To put this on the models repository, I had to work with some CMake. It was to learn some basics of CMake for this task.

I added BernoulliDistribution to ann dists. It will be needed for generating binary MNIST. I tried training a model and it did seem to work. I also added support for beta VAEs which was a very simple task.